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Signs are an age old way of getting a customers attention, and while they may be a bit old they are still a crucial marketing tool. Signs are a great way to draw in customers or give people certain information, whether that be important like where a fire exit is. Or that the shoes in this store are now 30% off. Signs have many uses and when properly designed can be interesting and stick in a persons memory for quite a while. There are multiple different types of signs for different uses, for example:

A-Boards are great for placing right outside your business, they are small and compact. Making them easy to transport and ensuring they wont get in the way when placed down. But they can also give a lot of information about their subject, and since they are normally placed right outside the venue or location they are talking about. It is convenient for passers by and increases the likelihood they will enter.

Roller Banners are particularly useful at indoor events, their tall design makes them easy to spot from across a room. Their size makes them easy to fit in a venue that might not be able to accommodate a bigger banner, they are mainly placed in lobbies or the entrances to events. This way they don’t take up much space and can easily be seen.

Feather Flags are the opposite of roller banners, they are mainly useful outdoors. With their size and how they are placed they’re not great for indoors, but placed outdoors they work quite well. Usually placed outside the business, in the car park or near a road. Feather Flags are great at grabbing the attention of passing cars. They can also be used at big outdoor events to inform people of where the entrances are. They are a brilliant way of grabbing the attention of larger groups.

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