A-Board Pavement Signs

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A-Board Pavement Signs are also known by other names such as A-frame signs, sidewalk signs and sandwich signs. You can place these portable signs outside your store or at a convenient location to grab the attention of passers-by. Call them by whatever name you want but the appeal they have on people walking by is irreplaceable.

Not sure how to use A-board pavement signs in your Bury shop or store? Here are many ways you can use them to your best advantage.

Increase Visibility

A-Board pavement signs not only help boost visibility for your business but they can also be use in many other ways. Use them for personal safety messages in parks, play areas, residential areas and schools.

You can also announce community events and events for your church, blood donation camps, traffic signage and highlight upcoming meets and events with a sandwich sign.

Customise Any Way You Want

A-board pavement signs can be customised to suit your specific needs and marketing goals. From promotions to announcements, go for eye-catching visuals, imagery and text to grab attention.

You can use rotating promotions on the A-board signs to put out what is currently making news. From blank chalk slates, dry erase boards to artwork and printed advertising promotion, there is no limit to what you can put on your A-board sign.

Help People Find Their Way to Your Store

Despite the many digital apps that can help people find their way to a store, many people prefer the old-fashioned way of looking up signboards and directions along the way.

If you are located in a shopping area that’s a maze of residential and commercial buildings, or you want to help people find your shop easily in a mall, A-frame signs can do the job wonderfully for you.

Place creative A-board pavement signs from BuryRepro at the right places and you are sure to draw in the crowds.

Encourage Impulse Purchase

An A-board sign can be the best tool for promoting a flash sale or a one-day event. While highlighting something special from your shop, it can compel your visitors and customers into impulse buying. This type of advertising works really well for retail stores, restaurants and food trucks too.

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