How do I make PRINT work for my business?

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Your business is as good as you project it. When you hand out brochures or other advertising material to your potential customers and they find printing mistakes, bizarre colour combinations and spelling errors, they are bound to doubt your credibility.

As a leading printing service in Manchester, we have seen businesses making all kinds of printing mistakes. In this post, we look at some of the most common printing mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Inadequate Bleed

Bleed is when the artwork design extends beyond the document boundaries. Improper design or not taking into consideration document sizes when mapping images can result in hairline white edges that can give your marketing material an unprofessional look.

When the format is large, there’s more scope for bleed. You can avoid this pitfall by getting your design team to set trim and bleed guides for all your printing projects.

Spelling and Grammar Errors

For any printed information that goes out from your business, be it brochures, company letterheads, packaging or custom merchandise, you need to ensure they are free of spelling and grammar errors.

Customers do not take a liking for brands that misspell or are not articulate with their language. Get a professional to proofread all of your marketing materials before they go for printing.

Images Not Converted to CMYK

Where there is print, there is CMYK. You must make sure that every image or design you want to print is converted to CMYK format. Discuss with your printing service in Manchesterbefore you send out files for the final print to avoid colour mismatches.

Saving Images in the Wrong Format

Many printing mistakes can occur when the file format is incorrect. Saving black and white images in colour or not using .gif or .png for print files can lead to errors in printing and colour distortions.

When it comes to the digital platform, there are ways to quickly correct errors but when it comes to printed projects such as brochures, banners, flyers and the like, you need to be extra careful.

Worried about co-ordination between your design and printing vendors? Leave all your concerns to us at Bury Repro, your one-stop design and printing service in Manchester.

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