Printed Document Folders

Printed Documented Folder Services

Whether at a client presentation, a business conference, events or at routine presentations in your office, the right presentation folder can make a big difference.

Here is what you should know about document and presentation folders.

Document Folders are one of the most flexible items of print. They can be used as a sales document, use them to hold individual pages as you would put in a brochure and they perform the same role however with the ability to add and remove pages as you see fit. Maybe that is to tailor the products you want a particular customer to see or possibly because you have a constantly changing line of products and running brochures doesn’t make sense for you. Folders can solve that problem.

Folders are great for helping you’re clients keep important documents safe. Maybe you are a financial adviser, your client has a number of documents you need them to keep safe for years to come. If you supply them in a personalised document folder, you can ensure your client is going to know all of your contact details and branding as soon as they dig their documents out.

We offer a number of options ranging from styles with no minimum order, to large 3 panel high capacity folders capable of making a big impression. We offer business card slots and a range of laminated and unlaminated options. There is a folder to suit every budget, its something we pride ourselves on that not every printer can offer.

Its not easy to create the perfect folder with inserts to complete the task, thats why we offer a full consultation service. Just get in touch we will be happy to advise the best product for your needs.

If you are looking to make the best impression with your document folders, contact Bury Repro today!