Window Display Graphics

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Window displays make for amazing marketing tools. Window display prints from Bury Repro can help you promote your product/service/offers whilst highlighting the latest news in your industry. Here are our top tips for designing effective window display graphics.

Choose the Right Options

When it comes to window display graphics, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Check out the options for window display prints available at BuryRepro.

  • Window clings are movable thin graphics that use suction to stick to the surface of the window instead of any adhesive.
  • Opaque and clear decals are more permanent than window clings. Since they are stuck using adhesive, you will not be able to change or remove them easily. They can be used for letterings, images and signage.
  • Perforated decals have a see-through surface, allowing visibility while still making an advertising impact. They are quite popular in vehicle advertising.
  • Frosted decals give the effect of frosted glass and can be used in an excellent way to create a mix and match window for advertising.

Choose the Right Size

You don’t want your window graphic design to loom over the decor of your business space. Choose the graphic while keeping in mind the decor, ambience, space available as well as privacy.

Choose the Colours

Your brand colours will play an important role in the design of your window graphics. However, you can experiment with more colours and designs keeping in mind the available light and the location.

Should you need help choosing the right colour combinations, talk to the window display prints experts at BuryRepro.

Readability is Important

The text on your window display should be easily readable. Take into account whether your window is visible from the sidewalk or you want viewers to look up a few feet to see your window graphics.

Choose fonts that are clear and legible. Use the space on the business card with discretion.

Select Images with Care

From special photography to design images, anything you put on your window graphics must be eye-catching. Keep a balance between the texts and the images and use high-resolution prints only.